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Amplifies your reach and understanding

ZYGY is an AI Technology that amplifies human reach and understanding on media to unlock critical threats and opportunities by querying multiple search engines, reading, summarizing and correlating the search results.

ZYGY is a system that draws out summaries of critical findings on areas of concerns by analyzing text content across web, social media, systems, documents and messengers with Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Summaries such as these identify what is trending among target audience, which helps businesses, governments and individuals customise their offerings accordingly. 

ZYGY is powered by an AI agent technology that can self-login (Single Sign ON), perform content extraction on target pages, and produce summaries of critical findings from the extracted content on industries, products or any area of concerns specific to locations, organizations or industry players.

The family of ZYGY are ZYGY Note and ZYGY Ecosystem. ZYGY Note provides services on the cloud that focus on public texts in web and social media. In contrast, ZYGY Ecosystem runs as an on-premise system focusing on enterprises. ZYGY Ecosystem caters private texts from internal data besides public texts in web and social media.

ZYGY – Amplifies your reach and understanding


Intelligence Gathering

Single Sign On & Identity Mgmt

SSO uses Artificial Intelligence to log into multiple websites. IDM is a special function for enterprises and SMEs to manage identity lifecycle of users.


It's collect the informations from vital personal and public information by performing the sites’ functions


It's connect around multiple online applications around the world to provide insight information.

ZYGY Helps & Educates

Do we need to read the content of each search result? It takes long time!

ZYGY reads each content for you and give a good Wordcloud insights.

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