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I want to establish working standards from selected documents to match my company progress

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I want breaking trends or sentiments from several companies in my sector, not just breaking news

What Do Want to do?

Today, in a hyper competitive market place, corporations are demanding more than data coverage of their target market from vendors. They want deep analysis to obtain patterns and trends in easy to understand time series graphics for actionable insights, but within their budgets. Zygy Insight is a proven AI powered engine for market surveillance and monitoring sentiment from social media (Twitter) and Web of SMEs, banks, startups and even politics. 

Zygy Insight is your comparative advantage for 'breaking insights' for your sector, the next step in breaking news. 

Presently, documents and documentation inside law firms, corporation and government agencies have moved from paper-based to digital files due to increased complexities and  volume, but challenges remain on optimal retrieval, data text set comparisons and easy to understand and read template display.  This not about tagging key search words, but more complicated semantic search that significantly reduces friction over present day manual powered methods.  Zygy Knowledge is a proven AI powered engine for document extraction, analysis and intelligent output decision making actions, and all within capital expenditure budgets.

Let Zygy Knowledge captures needed information from documents, web or social media to establish working standards to match current progress.

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