Cross-connect platform that enhances human’s capability to process information on the web.



The platform that capable to cross connect the information in the workplace for a better impact.

Cross connect Your Digital Life and Work in Multiple Sites to be Actioned

Zygy Gatekeeper platform accelerates intelligence gatherings and actions from multiple sites without having to read, search and process personal and public information at each site.

It will assist users to login into multiple sites, collates vital personal and public information by performing the sites’ functions and transactions, and cross-connects these information with proprietary algorithms to provide new findings and insights that overcomes human’s limitations to process plenty of information. These limitations are the results of lousy memory, slow at processing large information, good at one thing at a time, bad on self-discovery, information overload, and bad at keeping track and stuck at a same speed of learning.

Single Sign On (SSO)/ Identity Mgmt (IDM)

SSO uses Artificial Intelligence to log into multiple websites. It uses a same identity to login to networks and windows accounts. More secured login with fingerprint, One Time Password, QR Code, voice or face.

IDM is a special funtion for enterprises and SMEs to manage identity lifecycle of users.



It's collect the informations from vital personal and public information by performing the sites’ functions 


It's connect around multiple online applications around the world to provide insight information.

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