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Unlocking the Power of Knowledge with ZYGY

At Zygy, we understand the value of knowledge, and we're here to revolutionize how you access, create, and share it. Think about the time it takes to acquire essential insights. An investment analyst may spend days pouring over countless documents, while a loan officer invests a month dissecting thick reports. Even an ESG auditor faces a sea of documents to find gaps within ESG standards.

But our concerns don't stop there. What happens when a brilliant expert leaves a company? How can their invaluable insights and coaching be preserved? That's where ZYGY comes in.

Introducing ZYGY: Your Knowledge Partner

Zygy is your AI-powered knowledge partner. It's built on an advanced AI engine that's like having a super-smart assistant dedicated to helping you. Zygy automates reasoning based on a knowledge tree learned by capturing and linking essential information

With ZYGY, we offer two powerful products:

ZYGY Knowledge ​​ This automates reasoning by extracting and connecting vital information from documents and audio. It's your shortcut to progress. ​​ ZYGY Insight ​​ Need real-time insights? Zygy extracts and connects crucial data from the web, providing you with breaking insights instantly.

Knowledge Tree: Unleash the Power

When you combine Zygy's Knowledge Tree with ChatGPT, magic happens. It's like leveling up your knowledge game. While ChatGPT knows what's public up to 2021, Knowledge Tree empowers it with your unique organizational wisdom.

Your Unique Knowledge: No Limits

With Zygy, you can embed your organization's unique knowledge into ChatGPT. But Zygy is more than that. We introduce the concept of "base knowledge" or "standard knowledge." For example, if you're in ESG compliance, the base knowledge is Bank Negara's ESG standards. For banking, it's risk policies, guidelines, and SOPs.

From Base to Brilliance: Effortlessly

We've automated the process. Just upload related documents, and Zygy transforms them into a dynamic Knowledge Tree. It's not just for assessment and reasoning. Use it to perform ESG assessments or evaluate loan applications.

Beyond Imagination: Learning and Growth

In education, Zygy identifies a student's weak spots and designs a tailored learning path using the Knowledge Tree. We've applied the same concept to HR reskilling. Now, career paths are illuminated based on performance appraisals and CVs.

Join the Cognitive Computing Revolution

Cognitive Computing i.e Automated Reasoning Computing is the future, and the market is vast. Zygy offers two pricing models: direct subscriptions and engine subscriptions. The future is bright.

Our Ongoing Journey

Curious about our current projects? We're constantly evolving to enhance efficiency in knowledge creation and transfer.

In Summary

Unlock the power of knowledge with Zygy. It's your shortcut to insights, your guardian of expertise, and your guide to progress. Join us in the knowledge revolution and experience a smarter, more efficient way of working.

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