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Actionable Insights from Comparative Profiles

ZYGY is an AI Technology that produces Comparative Profiles containing categorized concerns of different groups on a topic of focus. The goal is to derive actionable insights that maximize outcomes by unlocking critical threats and opportunities.

ZYGY draws out insights from text content across web, social media, systems, documents and messengers using Artificial Intelligence (AI).  ZYGY AI performs querying multiple search engines, navigate the search results, reading and extracting content, summarizing and correlating the search results and performing self-login (Single Sign On) if necessary.

Summaries such as these identify what is trending among target audience, which helps businesses, governments and individuals customize their offerings accordingly. 

ZYGY is recognized as Top 10 Cognitive Technology Solution Providers - 2019 by ApacCIOOutlook. They wrote an article "Zygy: Actionable Insights for Maximum Outcomes"


ZYGY Product Family


ZYGY Note provides comparative profile service that focuses on processing open texts in web and social media.

ZYGY Ecosystem

ZYGY Ecosystem provides actionable insights service that focuses on processing texts produced inside corporate environment such as documents and reports. Open texts from web and media will be processed too.

ZYGY Gatekeeper

ZYGY Gatekeeper is a Single Sign On (SSO) and Identity Management System. It allows user to login to multiple sites with one user id and allows enterprises to manage multiple identities in one place. 

Our Customers