ZYGY Insight Overview

ZYGY Insight is a Cloud Application that gathers information from web and social media and documents, priorities issues and opportunities from areas of concerns such as economy, health, education, social and more based on interaction scores, and deduces sentiments and connections between initiatives, locations, organizations and people within areas of interests such as needs and issues analysis on a county or state.

Its technology is derived from several locally proprietary Artificial Intelligence technologies such as natural language processing, social and economic networks, classification, recommendation and rules algorithm. Artificial Intelligence is imbedded at the core.

Extract realities of what is going on from online world without having to go for surveys, investigations and social research that can cost millions of dollars because of human and logistics resources required. Upper hand knowledge on issues and opportunities is a priceless asset to leaders. Leaders then can use ZYGY insight to make informed decisions or remedial actions – quickly, and trigger the possibility to change the course of future events. Leaders can prioritize issues and opportunities to tackle and move ahead of his or her competitors to win the hearts of the people. What’s next after ZYGY Insight?

Well, suffice to say that the film Minority Report is no longer a science fiction, it is becoming a reality. From crime prevention to economic trends, Nervesis will be able to help governments, leaders and corporate chieftains make wiser decisions and improve the course of future outcomes.

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