Its a platform that provide safeguard, performs Single Sign on (SSO), performs consolidated search and automate collation of information from multi-systems based on an identity.

Challenges that Gatekeeper adresses:

 Different Username and Password for different
     application, wireless and windows login

 Different User Respositories for different
     application, wireless and windows login

 Access privileges and password policies are not

 Database/LDAP password can be hacked
     although hash

 Coding for synchronizing registering users
     for each application is costly

 Password reset call is very stressful for IT staff


How Gatekeeper addresses the problems:

 One time login for multiple applications

 Enabling SSO in multiple applications platforms
     with non-intrusive methods

 Centralizing Access privilages and password

 Using kerberos as password to avoid hashing

 Synchronizing identities and user repositories
     using workflow tools

 Reduce password reset calls because of reduced

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