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Fee Schedule

For Investors (Angels to VCs to PE to SWFs to Family offices) with 1 year minimum subscription :

  1.  For 1 to 5 Startups for Sentiment Analysis maximum  5000 posts each startup

  2.  For 6 to 15 Startups for Sentiment Analysis  maximum  5000 posts each startup

  3.  For 16 to 30 Startups for Sentiment Analysis  maximum  5000 posts each startup

  4.  More than 30 startups, customized fee structure

Knowledge Grid per Startup- 1 year minimum subscription

Knowledge Grid per Founder - 1 year minimum subscription

Request for a startup sentiment and knowledge grid of startup and founder 

Influencers (Reach and Engagement per sector) :

  1.  Platinum Influencers

  2.  Gold Influencers

  3.  Silver Influencers

  4.  Bronze Influencers 

Google Analytics (to be provided by startup) and application to influencers to understand internal and external marketing channels and effectiveness:

To Be Discussed

Advertising on the Landing Page for mimum 1 year :

  1.  Top Page

  2.  Middle Page

  3.  Bottom Page

Data reports on Startups (top 5) in a sector

Surveys for startups from (sector) influencers

Please contact us for more detail :

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