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Why you should be using ZYGY Insight?

ZYGY Insight ability to performs data gathering on customer experiences which have continue to increase at an exponential rate. Imagine of having

to manually pull data from social media post, web sources and other content. ZYGY Insight can integrates data sources in order to streamline the user experience. The more data sources it pulls, the richer and more accurate information you will get.


How ZYGY Insight aims to help your brands?

The process of mining large collections of data to discover the specific information. ZYGY Insight text analytics sentiment is the process of determining whether the text data is positive, negative or neutral. The text analytics combine natural language processing and machine learning techniques to assign the sentiment scores to the entities, topics, theme and categories within a sentence. For example, some features may be viewed positively, while others may be viewed negatively. ZYGY may offer a more detailed view of how consumers response, which in turn will predicts future behaviour. By using text analytics based on these features, consumers can gain valuable information.

Artificial intelligence in ZYGY Insight can help to classify the web and social media for text analytics system.

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