Broadcasting and Journalism

Zygy understand the challenges in broadcasting and journalism. Building and monitoring a case or topic with manual reading on exponentially evolving text are very limited. Contents and external images take a lot of resources. Using Automated Knowledge capture, Zygy help buiding, investigating, and monitoring cases. In Journalism, Zygy understand they have to search manually piece of knowledge together from Google linear search result. And its really annoying to get multiple result of information database to build a case. Zygy help not only monitoring external content and knowledge matching, but also Zygy be able to consolidated Search with search on multiple sites.

Finance Institution

In financial Institution, monitoring borrower reputation and background profile is seem very hard. Institution can only checking on credit scores but not be able to reach their background to ensure the borrower or potentials borrowers to understand their motives, social activities or business online activities. Zygy help with Profiling Tools using AI Knowledge to capture better compliance result. Identifying new market opportunities product development and recurring services is one of the challenges face by them to dominate financial market . There are several systems in divisions and branches. Each system is its own access control or policy making it difficult to enforce central control for security breach. Zygy be able to unified system through integration of different system , Capture Operational Knowledge Across Division and Branches Real Time.


Retail & E- commerce

Smart marketing is getting trending. In marketing and advertising, analyzing social media, customer data, trending news topics is hard to monitor manually. Zygy be able to capture knowledge and analyze social media using social media monitoring tools to capture hype and trending news about the product. Problem facing in retailing and e commerce is lack of inventory control and management. Zygy help to use Real Time Inventory Management to plan and solve the inventory problem in retailing and delivered to production.

Education Institutions/ Goverment/ Organization

Institutions in one organization face that they use a lot application which usig different username, password and different wireless and windows login. In one organization, for example universities, students, staff, and academic staff must use different application. They can access to different application at a time

In organization as well, access privilege and password policies are not cetralized. Database password and be hacked easily. Zygy enable SSO in multiple application platform and also centralizing access privilege and password policies.

Organization face the challanges to manage campaign. Initiative and activities are not connected to central managment. Zygy provide Knowledge capture on impact of activities, initiative and campaign.


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