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I want intelligent insights from my data and documents in summarized template.

About Us



I want to listen to my audience about my product and campaigns.

What Do Want to do?

Engagement is calculated based on comments, shares and reactions on public social media posts.


In order to obtain the posts, we will purchase data from third party provider such as

  • News from Event Registry and NewsAPI

  • Twitter Post from Twitter itself

  • LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram from

  • Google Search Result from


Engagement Unit is the total number of posts, comments, shares and reactions over 10,000 followers/reach.


Engagement Trend is a daily engagement unit over time.


There is an issue with measuring engagement units. Direct posts, comments and shares do not reflect the true value of engagement because some followers may read posts or comments, but not react to it. That is why we need to include reach trends on a daily basis

How are you capturing engagement?

The emerging markets, totaling over 60 countries, are global growth markets because of demographics, demand and dollars. Many of these countries are focusing on building knowledge base economies, and the startup eco-system, led by the youth with B2C startups, is an important part of their GDP diversification strategy, as they have learned from startup nations like Israel and Singapore. The valuations are close to value for startups, hence, funding is being spread about to more startups, at both early and later stages.

How is ZYGY different from existing databases, like Crunchbase, for startups? Tell us about the role of influencers?

A dashboard for every startup. The precondition to access to opportunities is to be on the radar screen of risk capital investors like angel/VC investors.


The present founders have a combined background of Artificial intelligence (AI)/data science, capital markets, emerging markets, startups, published articles, etc.

Yes, in many areas where consumer sentiment engagement is important for understanding reaction to campaigns.


For example,  country Tourism 

For example, SMEs.


For example, consumer products, like energy drinks.


Subscription based databases, Crunchbase to Tech-in-Asia, have provided immense value to spark startups/startup eco-system. For example, it's important to know names of investors, how much they have invested, valuations, etc. EMS compliments startup databases by providing AI powered interactive insights, via social media sentiment indicator (SMSI), on startups to make better data driven decisions, especially as due diligence is both remote (CV19) and faster tracked (for fear of missing out FOMO).


Influencers are stakeholders in social media in spreading, sharing and promoting content/products, however, trusted influencers are sought after because they have a large following and influence buying behavior. We have examined influencers, based upon their reach and engagement, and have placed them into various buckets. The insights EMS provides about influencers is one of the many value add areas for startups and their engagement.


What is the vision of ZYGY? What is the background of the founders?

SMSI is a time-series chart of sentiment for a startup on a daily basis based on positive, neutral and negative sentiment. It is the next stage of showing snapshot/aggregated information commonly found in databases.


The sentiment will include posts, shares, comments and reactions on social media platforms and newsite.


The sentiment is based on public and private sources which are

  • Posts in Social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

  • News on such as Wall Street Journal, CNN Asia etc.

  • Internal Documents 


To measure performance of a startup, we inform


b. Reach Trend & Engagement Trend (based on News, direct posts and influencers post)

c. Knowledge Grid on the company

d. impact on Initiatives by the Company

AI enables automatic capture, processing and rendering of knowledge-to-act for investors based on huge numbers of news and social media posts, unable for a person to consume on a daily basis

In displaying startups in time series candlestick, we are showing them like equity indexes, like Nasdaq or FTSE, and listed companies, like Apple or Microsoft, have been viewed by investors. Time series allows users to view peaks/valleys and developments, understand market reaction to announcements, recognize patterns, make projections, and so on. 

  • Investors can now view startups with interactive data, complimenting the databases, hence, EMStartups acts like scout, analyst and even external auditor. 

  • Startups themselves can view their sentiment/engagement, use data for their pitch decks, use data to understand competitors (new innovation, products, partnership, etc)  and even short list acquisition targets, etc. Furthermore, they will be able to better understand influencers and their impact in telling the startup's story/products. 

  • Governments that are pursuing knowledge base economy aspirations as part of Vision 20XX, can heatmap sectors, monitor grant funding, get insights in real time for budget/policy making decisions, etc.

  • Media coverage on startups and their founders can be deeper with more color by showing candlestick sentiment. 

What does social media sentiment indicator (SMSI) mean? Engagement? Please elaborate on engagement...

ZYGY focus is on emerging market startups, why?

What is the role of AI and predictive analytics in the sentiment/engagement process? 

How is information about a startup displayed on the ZYGY platform?

Who are the ZYGY addressable target market of customers?

Is the ZYGY engine applicable to other areas?

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